I'm Makenna. Artist & photographer. California native. Adventurer. Burrito enthusiast. Dog mom. 

These are words I frequently use to describe myself but words rarely show the whole picture. When I am not painting, I am working full time as a Marketing Director at Diamond Springs Water in Richmond, VA. I grew up on the west coast but have grown to call RVA home sweet home. Art is the language I speak best; painting, photography and graphic design are my favorite mediums. 

I graduated from the school of the arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014 with a B.F.A. in Fashion Merchandising. My love of fashion and business expanded into a desire to learn more about branding, digital marketing, and graphic design. While my career has allowed me to become well-versed in these topics and I LOVE my job... art has remained a passion of mine since college that I have not been able to let fall to the wayside.

My grandmother bought me my first easel and a set of oil paints when I was 10. She spent time teaching me the basics while I did everything I could to imitate her beautiful painting style. I became frustrated with oil paints and stopped painting altogether for a long time. Finally, I got back into painting when I was in college - this time toying with acrylics. It wasn’t until a year ago that I really found my own abstract style. I had previously stuck to realism but started to feel boxed in... I wasn’t truly reaching my potential or expressing myself. I began to find inspiration in the sky; space had always intrigued me. These galaxy paintings have now become an outlet for me, bursting with bright hues and fluid lines. I paint to convey energy - energy that connects the viewer to an alternate universe. While I would consider my style abstract, it is very experimental and evolves with every painting. As more opportunities present themselves, I hope to continue to create for myself and those around me.


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